by Libby Jennison

As I have been building my business up, its been necessary to be more diligent about my days in the ‘office’.  My roles as Mom, partner, etc. make my role as business woman a little easier to push aside, especially since I am my own boss.  But I see how important it is to have a space that is not only dedicated to being productive– channeling the willforce of my deeds toward my goals– but also a space that is visually appealing to serve as a pseudo-muse.  “Pseudo” because I don’t know that I need my space to be the inspiration entirely; the muses of our lifetime come and go and change.  But  space, for me, must necessarily be intentional.  This vase here and that color there.

Color has the ability to calm or energize, objects inspire because of beauty or function, and the arrangement of a space can similarly provide us with that desire to create and get down to business.  Perhaps the best of spaces simply make us feel, they evoke something within us and at the same time, out of us.  Thus, I’m looking for my office space to ripen my enthusiasm and creativity, and naturally following, my industriousness.  Passion tends to have its own engine, driving itself once it has gotten that initial push… or in this case, once it has gotten that initial hum of creative qi.

And so these last couple of weeks I have been doing what is necessary to create a dynamic desk space to fulfill my needs.  The first of those was a large, almost overwhelming cork board for an inspiration wall.  Be it a cutting from the paper, a print out of something I love…  a sweater, a gourmet niche liquor, or book…, a photograph of a place I must go someday, or a craft that needs doing, it will all go on my board bombarding me with the necessary eagerness.

The next accessory that’s on my must-have list is a paperweight.  I know this must sound ridiculous, because actually I’ve never seen the real purpose of a paperweight unless a very large gust of wind were to blow my piles of paper everywhere.  I will just pretend that this is a very real possibility, though, because I have found a couple of paperweights that I am smitten with.

This one with a dandelion preserved inside it happens to be my favorite.  Something about dandelions, whatever phase they are in, make me smile, sort of like daisies.  But I have seen others that I also love: a rustic, bronze acorn, a silver dipped wishbone… they look sophisticated with that perfect amount of quirk.

Another thing on my list was a small paperclip, thumbtack bowl.  While this one from the seller etco on doesn’t seem the most practical (as the gold certainly will etch off with the tacks) I think that a few years go with this one will be fine.

There are of course, many other things that I have daydreamed about for my creative space: a beautiful lacy fern, a delightful pen holder (I especially love this vase, the smallest, from for that purpose.  Traditionally it is a votive candle holder, but I love it so much I am converting it to something I will use daily), a comfortable chair, and perhaps a picture of loved ones framed nearby.  These little things add a touch of color or add a bit of whimsy, because above all it must bring you joy.  Happy offices to everyone.



P.S.  I will post a picture of the office as soon as it is complete.