Leather Goodness

by Libby Jennison

 As I’ve been sifting through different websites looking for personalized, handsome, practical gifts for my loved ones this Christmas, I’ve come across a couple of lovely leather goods that now have made it to my “wantings” list.

For me, leather evokes a certain quality of charisma.  If it were a person she would certainly have a good character.  He would always be able to laugh at himself.  She would be both sophisticated and totally undemanding.  In some ways I am channeling Dos Equis commercial for the Most Interesting Man in the World, only not, because Leather is a lot more humble than that.

Check out a few of them:

This top lunch sack is so brilliant.  For you or the kids, really.

This next one is an alternative to the typical bicycle basket.

This leather envelope is genius for those receipts that somehow always end up littering the bottom of your bag.

Classic dog collar for Fido.

And finally, there is this sweet camera holder.