Almond Joy

by Libby Jennison











When I was a young girl I would stand around in the bathroom as my Mom would get ready, whether she was getting ready for bed, an evening out, to go out and seize the day– it didn’t matter.  Even still, my sister and I find ourselves lounging, loitering in her bathroom as she readies herself, so much so that we have actually requested a plush chair.

There is always a lot of great gossip and chit chat that happens in the bathroom, as with other girls and other bathrooms I’m sure.  But what really stuck with me over the years was the tricks and little nuggets of gold that transfer from generation to generation as we youth watch.  Watching in the kitchen also lends big results.   ne of those little golden nuggets was my Mom’s secret weapon eye make-up remover.  I have watched her use it almost daily over the years of occupying that bathroom.  It’s actually no secret.  Ask your Grandmother.  If I remember correctly my Grandmother, fondly known as Mimi around here, used baby oil, and my mother uses Vaseline.

But as I have grown up and she and I have really gotten to understand how noxious our environment is with chemicals that are toxic and carcinogenic, we’ve tried to eliminate “the bad” and replace it with something better piece by piece.  This Organic Sweet Almond Oil is one of those pieces.  I am so in love with purity and the ideal of using that to pamper oneself in loo of those products that promise you smoothed lines, clear skin, and the world, but do it with un-pronouncables.

Instead, I try to opt for wholeness.  How many steps away from its natural form is this product?  It’s very much akin to the way I try to eat, actually.  So instead of bathing your eyes (your eyes!) in chemicals of God-knows-what, try a bit of this sweet almond oil on an organic cotton swab.  Or if you are so green your complexion is in danger, try these cotton flannel baby wipes.  They are incredibly soft and lovely; the perfect weight for the face.

I found these just before I had my babe. We cloth diapered until he was around nine months, and though I wish that we’d continued (and still may go back when I finally get the gumption) I’m grateful for the time we did it.  After ordering some of these for that purpose I ordered a pack more for me.