Cookbook Spotlight

by Libby Jennison

This is my new adventure into the art of making lovely, rustic food.  Not that I’ve become blase about uptown French cooking in all its glory.  I’m still un-jaded.  However, even the French (when they are on holiday) know the merits of pairing down, simplifying their plates, and allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves.  Recipes from an Italian Summer offers recipe after recipe with exactly that in mind, for instance: Spaghetti with Raw Tomatoes, Mackerel Tartare with Chives and Yogurt (spread on grilled bread, of course), Tomato Mousse, Calendula Risotto, Wild Duck with Figs, Sardines MarinaraChicken with Grapes, and desserts like Raspberry Semifreddo.  Are you drooling yet?

What is interesting to me is that these ingredients aren’t run of the mill.  You won’t find these things on the menu at restaurants near us– they are that authentic.  I’m so looking forward to using the part of my palette that adores sardines on toast as a mid-day snack.

I will certainly be posting my favorites as they are cooked and shared with family and friends, so stay posted.  I will have pictures of both the plates and the smiling faces.

The pictures above show these recipes, in this order:  Piadina (a delicious looking flat bread with prosciutto), Seafood Linguine, and Farmhouse Salad.