Hibiscus Tea


I try hard to make a big batch of herbal tea every morning.  Here are some great reasons as to why it might be a great new practice for you and your family:

* You can control the sweetness of your tea– Bodhi likes to have something to drink in his little stainless steel sipper cup throughout the day, but I’m not too big on fruit juice in my house (too much sugar without the fiber).  I find that with tea, I can sweeten an entire liter of tea with a scant tablespoon of honey.  I’ve also been using some liquid stevia drop lately, and have to say I really like that.  Just five drops or so for the liter, and its good to go.

*Daily intake of an herbal tea that supports a particular issue can help keep you healthy and/or heal–  A really great example would be Cold Care, an herbal tea by Traditional Medicinals.  Keeping a big batch of this tea in the fridge and sipping on it daily can keep your family members’ immune systems strong during times of compromised health (traveling coming up? or perhaps someone brought home a cold?)  Another example might be a tea that supports your family during allergy season (nettle).

* It is a great way to keep you and your kiddos hydrated– We are a dehydrated nation!  Drink up people 🙂

*It allows us mothers (and fathers) to infuse the healing process with our love– The ritual of making tea can be relaxing in and of itself (if we keep it from becoming a chore).  I try to make my tea while being fully present to what I am doing.  Yes I am making a tasty beverage for Bodhi and I to enjoy, but I am also making us a medicinal tonic.  And thinking of that while I am preparing it fills me with love for my son.

Here is my recipe:

1 liter of water

5 tea bags or 4 tablespoons of loose tea

sweetener of choice

Bring water to a boil and allow to rest off of heat for a minute (so as not to shatter glass).  You might even prep the glass with a quarter cup or so of heated water.  Swish it around the glass to warm it.  I don’t find that my pitchers are particularly finicky with this step, so I don’t prep mine.  But I’d hate to not suggest it, and then Great Aunt Edna’s heirloom pitcher breaks to a million pieces.

Okay, so anyhoo… pour the water over the tea bags and cover the pitcher with a lid (**important**)!  I always leave my pitcher on the counter to cool to room temperature (again, so as not to shatter the glass).  Once it is at room temperature I take out my tea bags and add either honey or stevia.  Then its off to the fridge!

Some of Bodhi and I’s favorite brews are nettle and peppermint, hibiscus, Cold Care (Trad. Med.), Stress Less (Trad. Med.), and ginger with lemon and honey.  A great resource for herbs and teas of every kind is mountainroseherbs.com.