Baggie Ice Cream Maker

by Libby Jennison

So this is kind of cool… last summer- or was it the summer before that?- I was really into making frozen yogurt out of Greek yogurt and sweetening/flavoring it with things in the kitch at hand.  I remember chamomile honey, mint cocoa nib, and maple cardamom as highlights.  But as Bodhi and I try to squeeze every last drop of summer out of the first twenty or so days of September, we’ve been getting out the good ole blender and then freezing these concoctions in a large locking baggie.

     I will then put this bag of mess right on the ice cubes.  Every thirty minutes or so take it out and shake it up, turn it over and over, massage it.  Then put it back for another thirty.  Do this until it has a nice creamy consistency.  It will be icier than regular ice cream for sure because there is not consistent motion, but… eh.  It still tastes good.

I would stay away from combinations that closely resemble smoothies… they taste like smoothies.  Ice cream to me should have a richer, novel taste.  Bodhi and I did coconut milk and mango for this one in the pic (very simple.. just blend a can of coconut milk and two mangos).  But I have my eye on something chocolatey and trying my hand at another mint chip.  For something really special it might look something like this:

2 cups half and half

1 cup whipping cream

8-ish drops of stevia, or other sweetener of choice (I recommend tasting it after 4 drops, then 8, and so on until its perfect)

2 drops of peppermint oil

1/2 cup of chocolate chips or cocoa nibs (or a mixture, why not?)

1 vanilla bean, split and scrapped down its middle

Put all of this (EXCEPT for the chocolate chips/nibs) in a blender, just for peace of mind that it is all thoroughly blended.  I think that I would go ahead and add the chocolate chips and cocoa nibs to the blender for a different version, but my first try I might go for a pretty white speckled mint chip.  Pour this into a locking baggie.  I double bagged just to be on the safe side.  The last thing you want is a cold mess on your floor from handling the baggie too rough (relax, okay?).  I have not tried this recipe, but plan to tomorrow (look for an update).  But that is a classic recipe right there… it all comes down to the baggie method of creaming it, not the ingredients.

This is another recipe to use handy stevia.  I just think that this herb is amazingly versatile.  Once you figure out how much is to your taste and the point before its bitter aftertaste (which is why some don’t like it) you are golden.  I will definitely be growing this herb in my garden this fall.  Hopefully I can make my own tincture and simple stevia “syrups”.

Happy ice cream making!